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What is Stilago?

Welcome to Stilago - The fastest growing fashion e-commerce website in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) with more than 3 million members.

Founded in 2010 as the fashion ecommerce subsidiary of the leading distant-selling group Studio Moderna, Stilago has grown to dominate the ecommerce fashion market in CEE. It currently has the broadest presence of all fashion ecommerce companies by covering 12 markets with a total of 300 million inhabitants. Stilago cooperates with more than 500 international fashion brands, some of them being close strategic partners such as Saldi Privati (part of leading Italian ecommerce Grupo Banzai), Heine (Germany), Redcats Group (France), Next (UK) and CBR Group (Germany). Every day, customers find new fashion highlights for women, men and children. The genuine products are mainly sourced in Western Europe through Stilago’s own purchasing teams located in Berlin (Germany), Bratislava (Slovakia) and Bucharest (Romania).

Stilago pays special attention to the quality of products, to customer service and smooth processes.

Stilago offers fashion brands the opportunity to choose their preferred way of selling products through any of the following three ecommerce business models – each one with its unique advantages for the customer and Stilago’s providers.

  • Club: The private shopping Club is a member-only site which allows international brands to sell special consignments behind closed doors. While not being publicly open, 3 million members in 12 countries form a significant customer base and grows strongly.
  • Fashion Mall: International brands, which are interested in entering fast growing markets in CEE have the unique opportunity to take advantage of the Stilago Fashion Mall as an established sales channel.
  • Outlet: Single sales promotions allow discounts up to 80% of the RRP. This attracts an additional user group which complements the other two business models.

Stilago is formed by a mixture of internationally experienced Western and local e-commerce managers and a large share of high potentials. The international management team alone consists of 20 different nationalities and English is the determined official company’s language. The team spirit takes its fuel from a mixture of efficiency and passion for products, ecommerce and markets.

Stilago is a Studio Moderna Fashion Group brand.

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